Thank Goodness He Ate the Sour Crouch

Happy New Year! Goals started and failed and re-evaluated and started again and then dropped and left for 2017. It happens. Always. Every year. The one constant. 

Yet for the boys they hold a very literal and special meaning to the idea of a “do over”. This year was all about their academic goals and being their personal best. As mother, I’m all in!

So, because I fear of the Italian Moliok and superstition of not consuming a pig and fermented cabbage on New Years Day would bring gloom and doom to Camp P, I ventured off bright and early on 1-1-2016 to gather up a piggy and some kraut. If I’m gonna do this, ingest this delicacy and force it onto my kids, I’m at least gonna do it in better quality format. 

Whole Foods surely must sell and offer up a cleaner pig? Surely organic sauerkraut would taste better than the Eagles nest pouch of slop. So I decide to leave the boys home alone while I run to the grocer. Ten minutes into the ride and with only freeway cement between them and myself, I freak out. 


Source:  yahoo images. 

I rethink my whole leaving 3 boys alone and no amount of pork or sauerkraut can change my luck. But I proceed on after calling them 3 times and forcing them to stay on speaker phone with my parents who I remind you are 35 minutes away by car. Yet, I guess we would know if the $h*ts gonna hit the fan even if we can’t help. 

Anyways, I try to select the best piece of pig $26.99 a pound can buy us and after a stressful attempt to walk away from the garbage, I make my purchase. 

The kids survived their Home Alone event and as far as I know there aren’t any burglars having a fake shotgun tear up their minds. I survive the whole ordeal of coming to terms I have to prepare up a pig for health, wealth, prosperity and whatever else legend says. 

Now I have to get the boys on board. So naturally I add some white wine to…I don’t know maybe tenderize the meat? Umm no, because wine makes everything fine. And then viola! Piggy on some kraut. I tell the boys it’s a must and put the fear of the Italian superstition wrath into their minds. I also explain their goals won’t be met if they don’t at least try a little. Because working hard for success isn’t enough anymore, we have to eat pig flesh and soiled cabbage to succeed in 2016. 

They hold their noses, take a deep Ujjayi breath and bite, chew and swallow. Instant luck for the next 365 days!  

 Source: yahoo images 

So fast forward to February when typically most people, including myself, damn you Starbucks, lose sight of their resolutions. Well not the 3 P’s. Report cards came and the results were as follows:

Peeno – all M’s or E’s with +’s. Or whatever alpha character was assigned to denote above average or excellent or emerging. It’s kindergarten and you know that crazy alpha numeric point system you need a masters degree to figure out. All I need to know is will he be able to read and can I assign him chores?

Noochie – straight A’s oh except for Religion at a B+. So close little fella. He has since spent every night in 3rd Quarter having a one on one with the big guy up above. 

Nickelbass – WTF?!? All A’s and B’s. My boy who worked so hard and all the pork and cabbage in the world could not make him perform how he did. This kid worked so incredibly hard and busted his a$$ to achieve the marks he did! Amen to that!

So upon further review and 3 sets of eyes waiting for my reaction to their report cards, I literally jump for joy. I go into the whole Vince Lombardi of what it takes to succeed speech,  how incredibly proud I am and always go the extra mile because it’s never crowded talk. They are delighted. I am delighted. And then Peeno chimes in.”Well you know mommy, thank goodness you forced us to eat that sour crouch, because now we became smart!”

Eh! However they want to relate my fear of superstition to, well then, God Bless. They became smart and we don’t have to eat pork and kraut until 2017! And when in doubt my friends, eat the sour crouch! 


What’s in Your Cup? A Cinnamon Powder Reflection

“What Lies Behind Us and What Lies Before Us are Small Matters Compared to What Lies Within Us” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s Monday and we meet again for our Monday Morning Mojo Booster via What’s In Your Cup?  Now don’t go and log off or get all hot and bothered, I will begin blogging my regular show here again soon.  This is just an added bonus to keep me accountable and you sharing in on the fun.

I started my morning off with an Extra Shot Soy Latte.  Since I wanted it served in a real cup that requires dishwashing, I ventured into the cafe.  I thought it would be a great way to start a Monday coming off of a tryptophan coma and many days filled with Holiday hoopla.  What I didn’t anticipate is what I would find in my cup.

Once the froth cleared and the cinnamon powder settled to the bottom, there in my cup were two twinkling eyes and a button nose.  Now this isn’t some freak thing like where people see images of saints or athletes in their grilled cheese sandwiches, this was just my very own reflection staring back at me.

It is bit different to see your reflection in anything other than a mirror and a coffee stained glimpse of my morning face was initially a bit startling.  Yet, as I looked deeper into my cup I couldn’t see the bottom no matter how hard I tried.  Then when my thoughts and eyes carried me back to the rim, I was gone.  But it got me to thinking and reflecting and thinking some more. 

You can’t always see the bottom, sometimes you have to be still and just float and other times, you have to tread like hell. – Swimgirl

The year is quickly coming to an end and with all the holiday happenings, it will be easy to get side-tracked and caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season.  This morning, I vowed to make a point to stop and reflect on this year before anticipating the next.  So, with that being scripted, I shall reflect on the events of the year.  Here is a list of my top ten reflections for 2012:

1) Spending time with a loved one in their last few days here on earth can be extremely spiritual and healing.

2)  As taken from my two-year old son; Whenever someone asks what you are up to and you really care to not share, just answer, “Anything!”

3)  Saving for a rainy day is encouraged, saving for a storm is a must!

4)  There will come a time when you have to walk away from all the drama and just do for you.

5)  As taken from my five-year old son;  Things don’t always happen when you want them too, so you might as well make a melody out of the madness.  Because when you have to go #2 in a public restroom, wearing your Sunday best and mom is frustrated because we are out to brunch, just sit on the pot and make like Gene Autry.  “Frosty the Snowman will get the job done mom and I will be out soon!”  He can carry a tune that kid even if in the wrong setting.

6)  Sometimes you have to lose your map to really know your path.

7)  Deep breaths can heal your soul, even if temporarily and sweating like mad on a yoga mat.

8)  There will always be people throwing boulders.  You have to make like a river and flow over, around and in between them.  There will be times when you have to swim along with the current and at other times you can rest and it will carry you.

9)  As taken from my nine-year old son; You cannot always be the way people want you to be, sometimes you have to be you.  “I don’t always color in between the lines, but I like it that way sometimes.”

10)  Never stop being grateful.  For even in turbulent times, there is at least one thing you can close your eyes, breathe deeply and smirk about.

I am grateful for a lidless cup of java today.  Grateful that I took the time to sit still and just show up.  That with only 36 days left of 2012, I still have time to reflect on the past, look forward to the future and pause in the present.  That before busting out the journals, notebooks, scratch pads and eNotes to start our list of resolutions, we can also make a list of reflections.  Some may be good and some we may not want to turn back to.  Yet, each event makes us who we are.  It is our own unique story that some day will be our legacy. 

So, What’s In Your Cup?  Is there anything in your cup worthy of reflection?  Is there anything you could share that would stir the cup of communication?  Perhaps you prefer to reflect silently.  It’s all good here.  But I challenge you to pause, show up and just be before the end of the year. 

 Life Is Only A Reflection of What We Allow Ourselves To See