Here are my little musings about life, lessons, laughter and love and how to face adversity in the most light-hearted and sometimes humorous ways possible.  When life hands you lemons…do you make lemonade or throw them at people?  It is not what is happening but how you respond to it that makes ALL the difference!

You can’t get anywhere doing the back float, you have to “turn around and swim!”

So dive in and come from a swim!  Feel free to come up for air and comment here and there!  Oh and while you are here floating around, feel free to join the swim team!  Hope you can keep up and if not, just “follow”.

Turnaround and Swim’s Author is a mother of three boys ranging from teenage down to elementary school.  She loves being a mom and takes the art of balancing motherhood and career and raising her three boys to a humorous level while navigating through the chaos. 


8 thoughts on “About”

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