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Mommy’s Got Yoda Ears


Damn straight Skippy. Don’t think you’re getting away with that broken giraffe figurine lying in pieces under the ottoman. Oh and those candy wrappers neatly tucked in between the couch cushions, I got your number. How about that homework assignment from last weekend you were supposed to complete. You think crumbled in the corner of the pantry behind the paper towels and drink boxes is a conspicuous enough place that it will not be found? Oh boys, you have no clue.

I know all the tricks, all the treats and how to break all the rules. The only difference between mommy and you, boys, is that I never got caught. So wisen up or your busted!

Somebody Did It!

Somebody Did It!

My little guys turn into tornadoes the minute the shower water sputters out its first drop. It’s like a free for all for 11 minutes or so. It is amazing what damage they can do while I breathe in and breathe out as the steam invigorates my mommy senses. Little do they know I have become the woman who hears things the minute I get into the shower.

For example, just the other day while I was on my second lather up I could feel them entering the attic. Something about that muffled sound of creaking wood while the water poured to the shower floor. I was still half soaped up and ran out of the shower and sure enough, the attic door was abruptly closing. Even though they all magically appeared on the sofa singing to Little Einsteins, I knew by their shortness of breathe, they had ventured into off-limits territory.

So boys, take note. Just as your littlest brother has and fearfully admitted to me yesterday, “Mommy’s got Yoda ears.” You have a lot to learn while I’m in the shower young Jedi’s!

I'm all knowing...(Image Courtesy of Google)

I’m all knowing…
(Image Courtesy of Google)


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Here are my little musings about life, lessons, laughter and love and how to face adversity in the most light-hearted and sometimes humorous ways possible. When life hands you lemons...do you make lemonade or throw them at people? It is not what is happening but how you respond to it that makes ALL the difference! You can't get anywhere doing the back float, you have to "turn around and swim!" So dive in and come from a swim! Feel free to come up for air and comment here and there! Oh and while you are here floating around, feel free to join the swim team! Hope you can keep up and if not, just "follow".

2 thoughts on “Mommy’s Got Yoda Ears

  1. Loved this- thanks for the laugh. We’ve all had a giraffe episode 🙂 Go on, admit it, you’ve got them on radar, like the million dollar man…. Have yours ever looked at you with that mixture of disgust and amdiration when you beat them to it and not only finish the excuse they’re producing, but explain why it doesn’t wash?

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