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Weekly Photo Challange: Unique


In a new post specifically created for this challenge, share a picture that says UNIQUE to you.

Vote for Me!  Grande Mocha Whip Cupcake (with Life, Laughter, Lessons and Love)

Vote for Me! Grande Mocha Whip Cupcake (with Life, Laughter, Lessons and Love)

I’m a mom of three boys.  Am I unique?  I sure am not.  People raise children every single day.  I own a business.  Am I unique?  Nope.  People work hard in their careers each and every day.  I can bake.  Am I unique?  For some, perhaps, that missed the Betty Crocker gene.  But I’m just a girl who can bake.  Nothing too extreme or out of the ordinary.  BUT, is this cupcake you are drooling over in the above photograph unique?  You bet it is.

I am not a professional baker.  I am not trying to go places with some creative little cake that represents many things I love.  Yet, with my whole 2013 resolutions came this quest to think outside of the box and venture outside of my comfort zone.  It is about doing things I’ve never done before.  So the two zero one three to a new me is pushing me out into a world I typically would not explore.  It’s about doing things when you’re told you can’t.

So, I entered this unique delectable treat into a cupcake contest at celebrations.com.   Upon entering, I did not see the micro-fine print that said this was a social media contest.  Fortunately, with age no longer comes the need for numbers.   That keep track of how many friends you have tally up.  It’s about quality relationships with alum, those you love and those you want to be a part of your life and your Facebook escapades.  I probably have about 368 friends on Facebook.  Could I have 4,000?  Maybe I could.  But I prefer to keep things light, airy and simple.  Yet, my cupcake is special.  It is unique.  But do I have a chance to win this contest?  Perhaps I do if I start friending everyone. 

People I don’t know like my mother’s cousins, brother’s son’s BFF from college daughter’s ex-boyfriend.  So, I need the help of my fellow blogmates.  We too are unique.  In our own little place here in the blogosphere.  So, I am inviting you all to look into the story behind this cupcake by clicking right HERE.  I know it is hard to vote for something you have not sampled.  But this really isn’t about taste.  It’s about spreading the word and social networking.  It’s about enlisting friends, family, fellow bloggers and all their followers into making this cupcake come to life by winning the 2nd Annual Celebrations Cupcake Crown.

So, if you want to help me keep my Facebook friend status manageable and take down the other cakes, click the link below.  This to me is unique.  


Why are you unique?  Feel free to leave a link to your most unique blog post in the comments section!


Author: Turn Around and Swim Life | Lessons| Laughter | Love

Here are my little musings about life, lessons, laughter and love and how to face adversity in the most light-hearted and sometimes humorous ways possible. When life hands you lemons...do you make lemonade or throw them at people? It is not what is happening but how you respond to it that makes ALL the difference! You can't get anywhere doing the back float, you have to "turn around and swim!" So dive in and come from a swim! Feel free to come up for air and comment here and there! Oh and while you are here floating around, feel free to join the swim team! Hope you can keep up and if not, just "follow".

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challange: Unique

  1. If you cook as well as you write, your cupcake must be delicious. Finger crossed, you got my vote!

  2. You are unique!
    The one and only! Irreplaceable!
    And that cupcake is awesome!

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