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Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond



Set your heights more than what you see around you, see beyond. - Anthony Anderson

Set your heights more than what you see around you, see beyond. – Anthony Anderson

This summer the little guys and I were at a festival. I was taking advantage of some photo opps of them while they were sort of sitting around. Sitting doesn’t happen often with these guys plus getting them all together in one shot is a rarity. So, I was snapping away and upon review of the photos later when we returned home, I saw this photograph. I absolutely love the moment, their expressions and gazes. Was it a bird, a plane or Superman? What were they looking at? What was up there, way beyond?

My oldest and youngest are sort of in their non-animated, brace yourself for excitement kind of state. While my middle son, who never disappoints on the drama front, is all like Whoa! I showed the picture to the boys and they just started laughing and looking at each other. It is if they know something I don’t and they love that I am stumped.

They truly shared a brother moment of when what to their wondering eyes did appear. It could have simply been the innocence of childhood in watching a balloon float upwards and way beyond. It could have been the excitement of a cloud formation that resembled one of their heroes configured as a white puff surrounded by blue. Perhaps it was the blimp making its way to the NFL home game. Yet, simply, it could have been one of them playing a trick on the other to get them to look, at a unicorn in the sky.

I will probably never know what they were gazing at or mesmerized by. Yet, I hope they can always turn upward and look to the sky when they need reassurance, a blessing or when they think of someone they love that was once here. I wish for them to have many more brother moments that they share together such as this. And when the skies are grey or clouds cover their dreams, that someone up above and way beyond will give them the strength they need.


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Here are my little musings about life, lessons, laughter and love and how to face adversity in the most light-hearted and sometimes humorous ways possible. When life hands you lemons...do you make lemonade or throw them at people? It is not what is happening but how you respond to it that makes ALL the difference! You can't get anywhere doing the back float, you have to "turn around and swim!" So dive in and come from a swim! Feel free to come up for air and comment here and there! Oh and while you are here floating around, feel free to join the swim team! Hope you can keep up and if not, just "follow".

10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

  1. Duuuuuuuuuuuude. Really great quote to go with a really good picture. Well done.

  2. Really special image and beautifully captured.

  3. I like how you used the prompt to share this story.

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