Flying Solo

"If you wait to do everything until you're sure it's right, you'll probably never do much of anything." - Win Borden(Image courtesy of Google Images)
“If you wait to do everything until you’re sure it’s right, you’ll probably never do much of anything.” – Win Borden
(Image courtesy of Google Images)

Seventy-Eight years ago today, a fearful woman, flew solo across the Pacific Ocean. Despite the prejudicial and financial obstacles, she did it anyway. Amelia Earhart was aware of the hazards, but flew East anyway. She flew against the wind and challenged the norm. She was willing to fail so others would be challenged. Pretty awesome if you don’t mind me saying.

You risk taker you...Stop it!(Image Courtesy of Google Images)
You risk taker you…Stop it!
(Image Courtesy of Google Images)

How often are we afraid to fly and open our wings and soar? To often we fear the climb and refuse to think outside the box. I don’t really consider myself much of a follower. Yet, I am not really a leader. I don’t really go with the flow either. I can’t say I always play it safe. I am a risk taker when the odds are more in my favor. I’ll venture to color outside the lines a bit and then I jump right back in when eyes start gazing. I’m an adventure mut.

I’m a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Some say that’s good, others think I am too daring. But really, I think it’s all messed up. I’m too rational to make a huge mistake but too *stupid to jump off the cliff (*stupid = fearful here). So this year I am really going outside the lines. I am venturing outside the box. I’ve been scooting by because I have been enlarging the box to fit my extreme thoughts, ideas and aspirations.

I’m such a cheater. You cannot make the box bigger to fit the stuff and then call yourself adventurous. It is time I get real and leave the box size alone. It’s time to strap on the goggles and take flight outside the comfort zone. One foot at a time is so 2012. Jump big or go home, right?

I realize not everyone is with me. It’s not all for and none against. But I can fly solo and make big things happen. I am my own personal cheerleader (this is the time you all run down to the comments aisle and cheer, cheer, cheer me on – Thank you!)

Now for the rest of you. Go ahead! Shame me, mock me, point the finger at me and just try to discourage me. I dare you! I wasn’t nuts for running a half marathon a few years ago with no training. That’s skill. That’s art. That’s courage. So, I am so glad you are all following me on my 2013 journey. I promise it will be one wild and crazy ride. If you are not following me, then what the heck? Proceed to top right and follow Swimgirl, here, on Twitter, Facebook or just stop by again!

"Jump Big or Go Home" - Swimgirl(Image Courtesy of Google Images)
“Jump Big or Go Home” – Swimgirl
(Image Courtesy of Google Images)

Now go get out there today and do one thing against the norm. Dare to wear something you love but wouldn’t be caught in public in. Sign up for something you think you could never complete. It’s showing up that really matters anyways. Eat something you’ve been wanting to try. Call someone you miss. Say I’m sorry even if it means losing your pride. Resolve to think outside the box, color outside the lines or go against the norm. Amelia would be so proud and so will I. Please stop by later and share your story.

*Disclosure – this site is not responsible for broken bones, job loss, food poisoning and/or apologies for down right stupidity.

Now get out there and fly people! Ain’t nobody gonna do it for you. Make it happen today! My Grandmother sure did one year ago and Amelia did it seventy-eight years ago. Be the wind beneath your wings!


2 thoughts on “Flying Solo”

  1. That was phenomenal! I now feel like I can -and should- take the world on. I very much identify with your comment about not being a follower but not being a leader either… I took myself in hand in 2012 and managed to radically change my eating habits. It made me realise that I have to be my own personal coach and egg myself on. In any case, every journey starts with a first step. Go, swimgirl, I’m right behind you and I’m eager to read up on your adventures!

    1. Good for you MM. I’ve realized we are the only ones in control of our own flight. Sometimes we will have a co-pilot and passengers but it is up to us to navigate the journey. Of course there will be turbulence, days of sunshine, nights of storms and we may lose sight of our landing pad. But in the journey’s completion, we can only look back and either thank ourselves or blame ourselves. Have a wonderful year!

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