Wish I May, Wish I Might Make a Little Resolution Tonight

Wish I May, Wish I Might Make a Resolution Tonight
Wish I May, Wish I Might Make a Resolution Tonight

I remember in my younger years, and for your information they were not that long ago, when new Year’s Eve would translate into PAR-TAY! As a twenty something single thing it was all about what to wear, where to go and who to see. It was expensive, draining and I usually woke up the next year with a banging headache and various thoughts, up to and including WTF?

Luckily for all of us I grew out of the need to PAR-TAY on New Year’s Eve and use the time for more useful things. Yet the past few years I sort of turned away from well of course the partying but making resolutions as well. I would just get fed up by January 21, like the rest of us, because they weren’t happening. I wasn’t successful because I had this huge amount of pressure from me, myself and I.

It’s not like the New Year’s Baby was gonna come after me with a noise maker and beat me to a pulp for breaking resolution #10 for the 35+ year again. Life happens and things get in the way. But I would get all wishy, washy and venture out and buy a beautifully crafted notebook that cost a gazillion dollars because it looked all pretty and start over by listing “revised” resolutions. That crap lasted until about March when I said the heck with it. Then I started to plan for the next year.

Now that I am wiser and more experienced in life, I think of it more as a yearly to-do list broken down by months with weekly goals. It is more about things I want to accomplish, who I want to accomplish them with and where I want them accomplished. It’s the strategy of how that gets me all messed up.

You see the easy part is I know what I want for the coming year. I can even close my eyes and see myself there. I see smiles, beautiful travel places, fearlessness and so much happiness that it looks like Mr. Sunshine cracked open a can of happ-a$$. It’s when I open my eyes that I lose sight of the whole damn picture. Do you want to know why that is? Because of reality.

So this year, I am challenging, not resolving or intending, but challenging myself to make my current reality a part of this place called the past. I do not want to close my eyes to see it happening, I want to live it, breathe it, smell it, feel it and taste it. So watch out people, I’ve got an arsenal of goodies to keep me moving forward to that little thing we call a dream.

Goodies in My New Years Pack of Tricks

1. Fluorescent Yellow Boxing Gloves so this way they’ll know I’m coming and they can’t say they were surprised.

2. Oversized sunglasses to shield my eyes from things that make me go hmm.

3. A great pair of running shoes so when the going gets tough, the tough gets going…and going…and going and I will run Swimgirl, run.

4. Red underwear because every Italian girl needs a pair. (Google it – Red underwear + Italian).

5. An extended duster buster so when the $hit hits the fan, I can clean up afterwards.

6. North Face Leg and Arm warmers so if everything is taken from me, I will still have toasty warm legs, arms and oh a nice pair of red underwear.

7. A pen, pad of paper and a good book.

8. Cocobon wine because that stuff is the bomb Trader Joe’s and it does a body good.

81/2. Cocobon wine. Did I mention how this stuff is the bomb?

9. A pedometer so I can tell all the judgemental ones to walk -x- amount of miles in my shoes everyday and then tell me how things should be.

10. A yoga mat because when everything else around me is going wacky I can make like child’s pose and OM.

11. A camouflage head band to wrap my weary head and remind me sometimes what I know, I know and it may be a one woman fight. So bring your A-Game Ramboette.

12. Post It Notes and envelopes to send little random stickies to people when I think of them.

13. An open mind and an open heart.

So if I can create 52 little goals that each lead to twelve big months, I can safely say that 2013 will be by far my most challenging, life altering and most rewarding year of my life. It’s reality but it is time I make it the reality I long for when I close my eyes and wish I may, wish I might.

So strap on your fanny packs and fill them up with all the little things you need to make 2013 your most ________________ year. You fill in the blank. It’s your reality! Now go start making it happen!

Even if you fall on your face, you're still moving forward - Victor Kiam
Even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward – Victor Kiam

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