What’s In Your Cup? A Pinch of This, A Dash of That

Seasons Greetings and salutations my loyal and awesome followers. We arrive again here, to another Monday. My how the weekend flew by particularly fast. One minute I am clocking out at the 5:00 pm Friday whistle and the next I am rising to the 5:00 a.m. Monday morning alarm. Yet, with great anticipation to fill up my cup.

Today I scored myself a Grande Non-Fat No Whip One Pump Mocha with peppermint sprinkles on top paired with a great big sense of accomplishment. Double Score!

Every Holiday Season the ladies in my family have a cookie exchange. It’s this little event where everyone has to make like ten dozen plus cookies, bring a munchie and some wine and we gather to exchange cookies. I figured being Monday and all you might need a little explanation of “cookie exchange”. Anyways, until the actual moment up to the event, the terms “cookie exchange” radiate nothing but aggravation, frustration and thoughts of when am I going to find time to research, stir and bake?

Research you say? Oh yes, research indeed, because nothing in my genetic make-up designates easy. I always have to spend like all this time exploring recipes of far out cookies that I could never accomplish on the first try. So this year I decided to just use the ingredients on hand and make…viola…the Misfit Cookie. That’s right. Who needs to know there was no recipe? Nope, just good old-fashioned baking sense. Yep, I was just born with it. Insert Giggle Here.

In my pantry I had crushed pecans, raisins, organic pastry flour, cinnamon, ground cloves, nutmeg, chia seeds, powdered sugar and carob chips. In the icebox I had Christmas Ale, almond milk, organic unsalted butter and organic free range eggs. Ah the land of misfits. Yet, my what lovely cookies these ingredients did indeed make. In fact, ten dozen worth of misfits, minus the Christmas Ale of course. That is an after dessert beverage or at least it is now. Oh and yes, my recipients will be in much better health and possibly a bit more regular after consumption of these delectable treats.

I present you with...the Misfit Cookie 2012
I present you with…the Misfit Cookie 2012

That is the beauty of the event. There are no rules except to bring ten dozen of the same cookie. With that being said, I am so over accomplished right now it is not even funny. Not only did I make and bake the little misfits, I also packaged them in cute little treat bags. They are now tucked away and not visible to six little hands that love a good misfit. So, What’s In Your Cup?

Do you have a sense of accomplishment today or are you over-stressed from all the holiday to-do’s? Perhaps you consumed a bit too much in your cup at the Holiday Work Gala and have nothing accomplished. Do not fret, create a list instead. Start at A and end at Z and do not forget to pencil in time for you to relax and cherish the Holidays and all they have to offer. Coffee rings on the list are highly encouraged as well.

Now as I lean back in my chair, stretch and take a sip of my peppermint sprinkle mocha I can actual relax for a bit. Much appreciation comes from knowing the cookie making is complete. Feeling accomplished is a great way to boost your Monday Morning Mojo. Oh and if you are looking for a delectable cookie recipe, I have attached the scrumptious treat recipe for your replication. Pardon me in advance because I rarely measure but I will try my best to approximate how much I sprinkled in the mixing bowl. Hence the reason for my peppermint sprinkles in my cup today. Bon appetite!Misfit Cookies


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