What’s In Your Cup? Part One

By Swimgirl November 12, 2012

So like hey there ladies and gents.  I decided to spice up my life and with that adventure, well you all get to participate.  I’m not talking taking a curry bath or rubbing cellulite with a cinnamon and paprika rub, I’m talking chatter.  Blog chatter.  This, that and some random chat.

So this little blog is getting all spiced up and launching….okay, I know…brace yourself, a weekly this, that and random chat section, post, forum, whichever you consider it.  I think it is brilliant.  I mean where can one go, gather and converse internationally about the random stuff of life.  That’s right.  This blog and right here at WordPress.  I decided to Freshly Press myself by squeezing out some new content.

Freshly Pressed or Freshly Squeezed
Therefore, each and every one of you will receive a Monday Morning Mojo Booster via What’s In Your Cup?  Listen, share, read and laugh along.  It’s open for anything.  Suggest away, constructively criticize, rant, rave, throw down some smack or just listen and learn.  So welcome to all my awesome and loyal followers, occasional viewers and accidental stumble upons.  We are all here together.  Now What’s In Your Cup?

Mine is overflowing with all sorts of things.  First off, after surviving the 9 day rain hiatus smack down by Supetstorm Sandy, the weather was awesome this past weekend.  Sunny and beautifuly breezey with 60+ temps,  I could survive in this weather forever.  So, no need to bust out the paprika and cinnamon rub with these temps.  I devoted the whole weekend to my three sons.  Not the black and white television version.  The real life, in color and running around every town hosting a park or ice cream shop with my boys version.

No Sleep till Brooklyn

Wow do they have some energy.  Seriously, I think I conceived them with the help of the EB.  Not the one who delivers plastic BPA free not eggs filled with processed chocolate on Easter morning.  The Energizer Bunny folks.  I am part to blame for all their moving, going, doing, seeking, jumping, running, never quitting personas but I do like an occasional sit down with a cup o’ joe while reading a good book in real print.  See Kindle Bookstore Napper as to why.

I’ve had a few run ins with businesses that get me all fired up about joining their programs, events, seminars or classes and then close up shop.  I mean come on institutions.  For me, planning to attend something is worth the same amount of work as organizing a convention with the President of The United States.  The only thing missing is a blessing from the Vice President and the presence of the Secret Service.  So please, please don’t call to tell me you’ve postponed the event date or cancelled due to blah, blah, blah.  I’m not hearing you.

I will be venturing out for an overnight mother daughter trip this weekend.  I am excited and I do know it will be educational at the least.  When isn’t a Rosa (my late Nonna) party of 6 a complete blast? Yet, I am thinking more, based upon the throbbing and continuous pain in my upper back and neck, that perhaps I need a retreat alone.  Or maybe just a chair massage, ey?  I really am a huge people person but lately, I’ve got the in need of some alone time bug.  Ever have that?

I have the INO1SAT1.  I checked the CDC and there seems to be no vaccine for it.  Anyways, I wouldn’t get the vaccine anyway.  With all the negative side effects, chemicals and high levels of mercury, I’d rather just lock myself in my bathroom with a six-pack of Christmas Ale for thirty minutes and call it a homepathic treatment retreat.

Anyways, I have all sorts of packing to do and I need to run to the craft store to get some bubble wrap for my suitcase.  I wouldn’t want my luggage contents to get busted up in transport.  Red wine tends to stain.  Well you can expect some good content next Monday in What’s In Your Cup?  with post trip informationals.  Fun times ahead my friends.

So, in my cup today was a grande, soy, one pump, no whip mocha.  And get this.  I bypassed the usual drive thru Starbucks because I want to break routine and waiting in a drive thru line for 22 minutes really is ridiculous.  So, I went to the closer location, right by my office.  I figured it would get me to schmooze with the patrons and for some new Baristas to get to know me.  Would you have it that the location was temporarily closed while they are moving to their new location, equipped with a drive thru.  What?  The whole point in my going there today was to get out and mingle, now they will have a drive thru and the yuck weather is coming and I will be all anti-social again. Did I mention that they were closed and twenty-two minutes saved turned into twenty-two plus ten more minutes lost?

Anyways, let me know Whats In Your Cup?  I’m thirsty to know.  Until next Monday’s Morning Mojo Booster, may your cup be overfloweth with all the possibilities to achieve your dreams.  Drink up my friends!

When it seems like the sky is about to collapse, relax, it’s just the roof caving in. You can rebuild – Unknown and Me

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