Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

By Swimgirl November 8, 2012

People on the edge of love go with their heart and not their head.
– Sienna Miller

After a very long week of going about like a statue with my head cut-off, I decided to take last Sunday to slow down and just be.  Superstorm Sandy dropped a whopper on our area with roads closed, schools closed, businesses closed, power outages, flooding, trees falling and rain.  Lots of rain.  Nine straight days of rain.  No sun and no break.  Just rain, rain and more rain.

On the 9th day, the rain stopped.  The sky was still dark and gray but the rain had finally ceased.  So I plopped the kids in the car and decided to go for a Sunday drive down to the lake.  Not to my surprise the marina and park were closed but we could still gain access to the lakefront.  The water was murky and the seagulls and lake birds of paradise pigeons were bathing in puddles.  The winds were calmer and people were venturing out again.  A true testament that I was not the only one venturing down to the lake post storm.

Yet, despite the rain, and the rain again and still more rain, the gray skies and inconveniences of the week, this by no means was problematic or catastrophic compared to what the East Coast and the Jersey Shore were dealing with.  It saddens my heart to know that Mother Nature can be so beautiful yet so hurtful at times too.

Yes, in my own personal realm, last week sucked horribly.  I was so busy at work and by Day 5 of the rain, I just wanted it to stop.  It was so easy for me to get wrapped up in my own personal struggles and daily annoyances that at times I lost sight of the bigger picture.  Such as that my family was safe, the roof over our heads was in tact, we had electrical power and fresh, clean water to drink and bathe in.  That our family pet was only tracking in mud not missing.  That my children having to be rerouted when school suddenly closed  was a blessing compared to the event where they could have been injured or missing in the storm.  Worse yet, a fatality.

We were all safe, inconvenienced, but safe.  Yet, it was so easy for me to forget all this.  Rather I went on ranting and raving about my busy, sleepless week until we were heading home from the lake and I was stopped at a red light.  I glanced over to get a peak of the sky to see if there were lake effect clouds moving in.  But to my surprise, I saw a sky that seemed to be invisible.  It wasn’t gray or cloudy.  There were no hues of black or blue.  It was as if the sky was gone.  It was more like an aura of white light that was inviting me in.  Saying don’t fret, don’t frown, don’t be invisible. 

As I glanced further down, I noticed the statue missing its head.  It was as if this exact picture was a replica of my life last week.  It was as if I was too invisible to recognize that there are people who truly are in need.  It was as if my body was stuck in motion last week, frozen in time, but my thoughts were wandering everywhere.  I was so full of mind but not mindful.  It took this scene above for me to realize the real meaning of the week.

Just like geometry is defined as, the study of properties of given elements that remain invariant under specified transformations, this week for me so to was geometric in nature.  There are some things that remain unaltered during times of transformation.  My personal thoughts carried on despite the turmoil elsewhere.  The statue stood still while the rain continued to fall.  But that sky, oh that sky changed.  It opened and allowed the light to shine in to give me the insight that it is so much more than what’s in my head, my own personal struggle.  By letting my head lead instead of my heart, I became invisible. 

Are you invisible?  It’s never too late to make a difference.  No amount is too small or too great. 

Superstorm Sandy Disaster Relief


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