Go Pink or Go Home

“Autumn’s images are rare gifts that truly give light to the unique essence of a person, a thing, a moment of truth, of humor, of beauty.”
– Joy Shulman, musician

As October comes to an end, so do the colors of Autumn.  The vibrant hues that have graced our sunrises, sunsets and casual strolls, are now replaced with brown and grey.  The leaves are making their way from tree branches to curbside.  The warm days and cool crisp evening air is gradually becoming cold, cloudy and wet.  The sun sets earlier and rises later and once again we are reminded of the harvest of life. 

Somewhere right now a mother is nursing her baby girl gazing out the window at the autumn leaves.  While another woman breathes in the October air as she walks out of the hospital after her last chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer.  Somewhere in a shopping mall, a mother is escorting her preteen daughter into a store to get fitted for her first brazier.  At the same time, a woman has just discovered a lump on her breast while in the shower.

After viewing the films from yesterday, a NFL star is grabbing his pink football helmet from the locker room while the field maintenance crew is finishing up painting a pink ribbon on the turf.  In that same city a woman is waiting in a gown to get a mammogram.  Across town there is a woman holding her husband’s hand as she learns she will need a double mastectomy to avoid the spread of her breast cancer. 

And as a new Autumn day arrives, a Firefighter walks off shift, holding his gear wearing his pink uniform to head home to his family.  In a dorm room in a small town, a college student is doing medical research on breast cancer for a report while in another town a surgical intern just assisted in breast surgery.  Somewhere in this world a memorial is being set up for a lost loved one, while a survivor registers for next year’s Race for the Cure.  But there is also a woman jumping out of bed, drawing her curtains open and gazing out into the Autumn dawn, as she bows her head to reflect on her first morning after learning she is cancer free.

I always wondered why October was chosen as Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  It’s been told that the reason for October is because that is the month the first ever Race for the Cure took place.  Yet, I have always felt that as Autumn symbolizes change, life, vibrancy and death, so leads to my awareness of the cause.  Of course the fact that stores, institutions, professional sports teams and restaurants so to participate and all is turned pink in October, I can’t help to stay aware.  Yet, why stop on October 31?

Go Pink or Go Home
Go Pink continuously, right?  We might tear down the billboards, awareness promotion signs and replace our pink ribbon pins with snowmen.  Yet, it doesn’t mean we have to forget to support, to self-exam, to hug a friend or donate.  Go Pink this month, today and everyday.  Our mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmother’s and daughters count on us. The men who hold their hands, wipe their tears and embrace them rely on us also.  So I challenge you to Go Pink…today, tomorrow, this spring, when the pools open on Memorial Day and when the first firework explodes in the summer sky.

This post is dedicated to all of you, the survivors, and those we have lost but hold close in our hearts! 

Get involved, donate, support and let’s beat this!


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