Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

One more time, mommy, just one more time.  One more time to climb the steps and go down the slide.  One more push on the swing, just one more please.  Oh wait, mommy, I have to climb and slide, just one more time.  Now that I have finished my time swinging, climbing and sliding, just one more time to try the monkey bars.  Please, mommy?

So, I take a step back and patiently wait for, “one more time”.  Watching the innocence in play and not stopping until the sun goes down.  The rush of sneaking in, just one more time.  The chance to be in control, for a child,  just one time. The thrill in getting one more chance at play.

So I watch.  I wait.  I feel the warm Autumn air turning cooler as the sun sets and the winds aloft swirl about.  I hear the rustling of the fallen leaves as they whirl around me in the same fashion as my son.  The dance around me to get one more time to swing, and climb, and slide.

Then the leaves stop whirling and rustling, the wind kisses my cheek and the sun fades away.  It is quiet and still, and I see only a silhouette.  A silhouette that tells a story of a boy with much determination.  A boy with long curly eyelashes that could brush the feathers of a bird.  A boy who gazes out into the world before turning around to grab onto the monkey bars, just one more time.

Inch by inch he maneuvers his way around.  Around he goes for one more turn.  One more big breath before his decent.  One more tight grasp to make it across.  The wind begins to blow again, the leaves rustle, the sun sets and the moon makes an appearance in the evening sky.

Then he looses his grip.  One finger at a time holding on for one more try.  Then the last fingers slip and he comes to an abrupt but soft landing.  As I look over and down to him, I say, “Let’s do it again, just one more time.”



“Watch me at the window from your place on the couch, watch me pretending that I am really looking out. You say ‘come here, I can’t see you in this light,’ but I’m much safer beside the moon tonight. ‘Cause when I am a silhouette I have no fear” – Unknown


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette”

  1. First off thanks a bunch for ‘like’ing my Weekly Photo challenge photo/post, seeing what calibre of other posters there are humbles me.
    Second, I really like your posts. Your style of writing is one I find myself being drawn to. I look forward to scouting out a few more before I go.
    Take care, and good luck,

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