I Fought The Blackberry and The Blackberry Won…Maybe?


by SwimGirl October 15, 2012

You Put Up a Good Fight Blackberry
(picture courtesy of Yahoo Images)
As you all know, technology and myself have not been getting along lately.  My Kindle bit it last week, check that out here and my Blackberry phone is holding on to life by way of my hands and life support via a USB cable.  I have given this phone the will to fight and survive.  I have powered it up every 30 minutes.  I am constantly switching its battery daily like a wound that needs a dressing change.  I am dabbing its face with a cool, soft cloth.  I am holding it when nobody else would.  

I was loyal to you Blackberry when everyone else traded you in for the iPhone.  I have given you love and we held each other when our last BBM went iMessage on us.  Together we were alone.  But the fact that you are betraying me by dying on me constantly and causing me thumb arthritis, I am just not sure what is left to our relationship.  We are just not compatible with anything anymore.

As  for my cellphone carrier provider, they are constantly reminding me I am a valued customer since 1999.  By sending me promo items for things I cannot buy yet because I am “under contract”.  By telling me they value me as a customer every time I wearily walk into one of their stores.  By asking me how they can help me, Ms. Valued Customer, every time I call.  By putting it in big bold orange and blue letters when I log into my account.  I mean the only thing we are missing at log in is a mascot cheering me on and a hot dog stand.  Yet, when push comes to shove where in the world is all this value?  Where has 13 years of loyalty gotten me?

I’ll tell you.  Nowhere, but cell phone service.  Only because I pay my bill every month, in full and on time.  But if your phone should betray you and you need said phone for say things like, RUNNING A BUSINESS and managing a household of men, do not rely on the fact that longevity with the carrier will get you anywhere.  It doesn’t matter how many times you go into the store.  How many calls to “customer service”.  How many reminders that you are a loyal and valued customer since 1999 or that you are a fantastic bill payer.  When it comes to getting an early upgrade, and when I say early I mean two weeks, that value goes right out the door.

Two weeks people.  Two weeks.  You mean to tell me you can’t upgrade my phone two weeks early?  Is it because I have to keep up with the times and switch to an iPhone.  Has my Blackberry put some sort of curse on me?  Is it really going to make me suffer its long, slow death?  You put up a good fight Mr. Blackberry, let it go!  

I mean every 30 minutes I get a few breaths from you and every once in a while my finger actually maneuvers the trackball without the use of a tissue or my shirt sleeve.  I feel the Blackberry fighting to keep me hopeful and then when I need it to pull through so I can conduct a business appointment it freezes up and just stares at me.  I have to go through the embarrassment of undressing the thing in public, remove its battery and reapply.  Then wait patiently while it wakes from a slumber.  Then when I get proof of life again it acts like its three sheets to the wind.  Stop it Blackberry.  Stop holding on and just let go.  It is time.

As for you cell phone carrier people, you are about to close the doors on a customer of thirteen years.  I have stayed with you through dropped calls, lack of service in remote areas (like at the community pool), every price increase since cellphones were practically invented and have never, ever cheated on you. Even when the temptation from other carriers was almost impossible to walk away from, I never strayed.  This is what I get for being a good or as you say, A Valued Customer?

So friends, I am offering my carrier and Mr. Blackberry one more chance.  One more chance to let it go and keep me forever.  So, when I walk into the store today, this time it will be different.  Because when I walk out, I will feel valued.  I will be able to memorialize my devotion to Blackberry since 2006.  He can finally let go and be laid to rest.  So in Blackberry fashion, this is research in motion (RIM) and I hope you all are looking forward to an upgrade update post!   Will she or will she not, be in a new relationship with iPhone? Now taking bets.


7 thoughts on “I Fought The Blackberry and The Blackberry Won…Maybe?”

  1. I know the deep sorrow one feels when the relationship with BBM is over. I have moved over to the sleek, titanium world of igadgets and will tell you that I have never been happier. BB was there for me when I finally felt like a grown up business person- but times have changed.. and I am now in the Cloud- apping away- imessaging and no longer a slave to that trackball. Come to the land of Apple my friend.. … …

    1. Thank you. Good point. I did venture into my network provider and found myself a friend. I told him to let go of the “valued Customer” bit and let’s get down to business. We are like peas and carrots now and I hav a new iphone ordered up. They will keep me for 2 more years. I love how they break it down into months and say, 24 months. I’m not a newborn baby or toddler now. Say it like it is….two year contract! I told Mr. Stevie, I am expecting big things at our 15 year anniversary. And I am not talking Crystals or a new watch. Thanks for commenting!

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