Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

“In this world people may throw stones at your success, it depends on you, what you make from them…a wall or a bridge. – Unknown
A two-year olds determination to find the flattest, most round shaped stone to accomplish the perfect skip.  Each stone is only an arm’s length away yet he searches and searches to find “the one”.  The one that upon a flip of the wrist will try to go against the current and ripple through the water fighting to compete with the waves for its own beauty.   

The water is constant, moving and changing each time a wave hits the shore.  The rocks appear and then disappear.  They are near and then as the water washes over them, for a two-year old they became so far to reach.  I watched as each time he was about to grab a stone the water washed over the area and he had to start again.  So near to that perfect stone yet so far.  He never gave up.

The blue waters go on and on for miles and miles.  As it washes over my feet I feel it’s cool, crisp touch and then it recedes.  The water as it encompasses my sinking foot in the sand is so calming and I want to freeze it there, to stay at ease.  Then as the water pulls back, it leaves my feet and gets farther away.  I want the moment back, the peaceful feeling.

There will always be a moment, a person an obstacle that comes between us and a dream.  There will be times we want to give up and throw in the towel or we can continue collecting the stones.  Taking each one and building upon to reach our destination, our goal, that at many times seems so far.  Yet with a little perseverance will be so near, right here!


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