The Game of Life Minus The Luck of The Spin

Remember the Game of LIFE that was big back in the 1980’s?  Millionaire Estates and Countryside Acres were the final outcomes.  You chose “your character” based upon your favorite color and you gave it your best spin.  Then you all giggled and laughed or sometimes even cried, when the luck of the spin would determine who failed and who ended up with the fortune.  Well, news flash, life doesn’t run on luck or a spin of a wheel.

If you think about games in general, surely there is one Hasbro or Milton Bradley Game that comes to mind in terms of your life.  Honestly, some days I feel like I am running from Donkey Kong, while inside a pin ball contraption in a Twister pose wanting to break the tangle to spin the wheel for a chance to get out of jail free or even pass Go and collect my measly 200 bucks.  But life doesn’t run on an iron or thimble and my character isn’t shaped by my favorite color.  Life runs on what I fuel it with.

If I focus on the negative, my car putters and I end up on Baltic Avenue hoping to avoid an income tax penalty and wishing to get a positive Chance card.  But if I put my energies into the positive and have the ability to adapt, be a smart risk taker and a persistent go getter, I might actual have a Clue at The Game of Life.  So, when facing a Chute or a Ladder, do we decide to climb or settle for the fall?

I think most people would prefer the climb.  Yet, how often do they avoid the climb because of the journey up? Recently, I was faced with a big life changing decision.  I so wanted to make like a Battleship and sink but then I think about my life’s biggest motto and the whole reason I started this blog. 

“You can’t get anywhere doing the back float, you have to turn around and swim!”

Since I started this blog, many people have asked me why I blog?  Before I get a chance to answer, they answer for me with another question.  The question answers range all over the place but what blogging is to me is meditative. My creative expression in print as I journey through life.  And if I was handed a choice to spin, to win, lose or draw again, I would decline all of the above. 

Life doesn’t run on a toss of the dice, it runs on what I put into it.  Of course, it is not always fair or goes the way I planned.  Sometimes I may even lose a turn.  Yet, where I am at today is because my character and the path I chose  brought me here.  I am the only one in charge of my destiny.  So if my Memory serves me correct, my Cranium is in charge and although I love with my heart, I lead with my head.  So Hi Ho! Cherry-O, one wooden plank at a time, I climb! 



3 thoughts on “The Game of Life Minus The Luck of The Spin”

  1. Well what Milton Bradley and Hasbro DIDN’T KNOW… Is yep Karma and Kenny Rogers.. And she is here when you DON’T PASS GO OR COLLECT YOUR MEASLY 200 smackers to see how u react and what u put out into the universe in response…. And well Kenny in that old Kenny fashion would say if your gonna play the game boy… You gotta learn to play it right. ; )

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