It’s a Boy! (Volume 2, 5th Edition)

Hey now, you’re an all-star, get your game on…Go play!  Who Let the Dog(s) out…woof, woof, woof!  One little monkey, jumping on the bed, one fell off and bumped his head.  These are a few things that come to mind when I think of my second born son, Noochie in the middle.

Did you ever hear the sound of a Navy fighter jet?  That is what I wake up to every morning.  Now I sometimes wonder what a little P & Q in the early am hours would be like?  You know that thing called peace and quiet.  But then again, I wouldn’t change waking up to the roar of a lion any day.  You best have this boy’s slightly warmed chocolate milk ready too, because he won’t quit!  One day I asked him if he knew what patience was?  He replied, “YAH!  My chocolate milk!” He was 18 months.

Now today my diamond in the rough, is 5.  Every Birthday of his is a celebration because it means we are both still alive and have managed to not yet burn the house down.  As much as this boy will challenge me and the norm and any stranger to cross his path, I couldn’t imagine life without him! 

He will be your guy in oh say about 16 years that will be the life of any party.  Yes, it will be a fun, fun time but it scares me to death!  The good thing is, as curious as he is, more so than a monkey named George, he is quite responsible.  So, I feel there is some hope!  Unless it will not be illegal in a decade and six years to chain your children to poles, we may be in business!

I sometimes think “Carma,” purposely misspelled, is coming back at me.  Could I really have been this busy, loud, talkative, challenging, active and annoying?  Yet, at the end of the day, he is the little man who will love and hug you a million times over.  By wishing you sweet dreams, and thank you for bringing up his water, and tucking him into bed, and reading him a story, and turning on his night-light, and helping him brush his teeth, and closing his curtains, and turning on his radio.  Oh and you better say you are welcome because he will start the I love you and sweet dreams melody all over again until you have it right!

At his first Birthday we did a monkey theme.  You are getting the hint as to why.  When he turned two, it was only fitting to do a bulldozer theme.  You know what bulldozers are capable of right?  When he was three we had a water theme.  It was the only way I could get the gum out of his hair and Bordeux Butt Paste out of his baby brother’s hair.  Not to mention he nicely loosened the cap, gave it to said brother, waited 20 minutes and then came and got me to tell me Peeno was making a mess.  Last year we themed all about lions and this year, the Lorax.  See previous post kid-tested-and-lorax-approved.

When I asked the little booger what he wanted for his 5th Birthday, he replied, “A garden, bird house, chickens and play dough!”  Not sure what he plans to do with the above but his wish is my command.  I am sure there will be a future blog post about how the chicken was eating his garden so he took a Nerf gun filled with play dough beebies and shot the chicken and stuffed him in the bird house.  Just kidding.  Remember, terrible cute but oh so loveable!

Noochie, on your 5th Birthday, mommy loves you more than you will ever know.  I might have aged 15 years since your birth and another 10 years while carrying you and perhaps 5 in labor and delivery, but hey, it’s all good!  I love how you have so much determination, a drive to succeed and a desire to learn, about EVERYTHING!  I love how you are all about a party and when you wipe out, you bounce up and crack up at yourself. 

I am especially grateful I have been blessed to have a son as daring and caring as you!  There is never a dull moment when you are around.  In fact, when you are not around too!  You can work a room like you are running for President.  You will spark up a conversation with anyone.  Yes,”don’t talk to strangers” is a thing we are still working on.  You can weezle yourself out of a very sticky situation.  In fact, when I am trying to discipline, you start talking and justifying your every move.  I think, huh, what?  What was I even trying to reprimand him for?

Like the time I told you to go practice writing your name.  Well, son you did!  All over my walls.  When I asked, why you would do such a thing.  You replied, “You told me to practice writing my name, you didn’t say where or on what!” Or the time when you thought you would pour yourself some “apple juice.”  Instead it was a COSTCO warehouse bulk trillion gallon of laundry detergent.  Oh and pouring it into your 2 oz. sippy cup in the hallway on the carpet, is pretty typical of what mommy does, right?

Noochie, you know I can go on and on and think, you are just 5.  Yet, at the same time, I think, wow you are already 5.  I want to keep you young and curious and in my arms close and tight forever.  But I know at some point, sooner than hoping for, you will spread your wings and soar. 

There will come a time when you don’t need me as much as you do today.  That I will want to cry over spilled milk.  That I will wish you were tip toeing about the house glueing Valentines decorations to our walls.  That the sound of “thump” as you jump out of your fire truck bed will not send chills down my spine.  I will miss the thump and your begging for your morning cup of Hershey with a splash of milk.  So, I celebrate today, all things you!

WHAT? This is what five looks like…WHAT?
Today, when you look into the mirror, you will see five starring back at you.  This year I have given you the full disclosure that it will look a lot like four did and not to expect facial hair and pec muscles.  But you will be one year older, one year smarter, one year more curious and my baby boy for another year.

Happy Birthday Noochie, may all your birthday wishes come true.  Because if they don’t, I know you will take it up with someone!  I love you little dude!  Love, hugs, kisses and of course sweet dreams -Your Mommybeast!  Yep, he called me this when he was a young two-year old, don’t ask me why…


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