The Ride of My Life

My son got a new bike for his Birthday courtesy of my dear mom and dad. Well it started as a bike but then turned into a $85.00 LEGO Batman set.  Now you would expect the box to be the size of a refrigerator and equipped with a coupon for one free ride in the Batmobile.

Wee, wee, look at me…I cost $85.00!
Yet it was just about the size of a Nike shoe box and ours must have been missing the free ride coupon aboard the Batmobile through Gotham City. Anyway, little junior agreed he needed the bike more than a trillion small pieces that give you arthritis at first glance and present a choking hazard for two-year old brothers  Good choice son!

So mama ran the $85.00 rattling box back to the toy store and picked him out a nice little mountain bike. Funny, as after the exchange, I only needed 12 dollars to cover the difference. LEGO you’ve got issues!

It takes a day for assembly.  So on the eve of the next day, I busted through the gates of the toy store with three minutes to spare before closing and the party rock employees literally threw the bike at me. I did cut them some slack for after all it was 9:30pm on a Friday. I get it, the club calls.  So much so that I had to take out the bike and load it into the vehicle myself. Oh well, party on toy store worker not people.

I was too exhausted to unload the bike when I got home so decided it would be a nice deterrent Saturday morning when I break it to my little men that I am going to head out for a quick workout. They were all up and ready to roll outside at 6:30am.  So I sprang from my slumber to give him his bike.

It would have been a wonderful surprise had the handle bars not have been cracked, seat torn up and chain dismantled and tangled. SERIOUSLY, I would have kept the LEGOS!  Now my deterrent was a flop, junior is let down and I have to take the darn bike back.

Picture courtesy of Google Images

So as soon as the store opens I call the toy store. The “customer service” personnel advises for me to bring the bike back, pick out a new box and they will reassemble.  Then I can come back on Sunday to get it. Oh isn’t she just so cute. Yes, umm and no!  See sweetie you have it all wrong.

So I proceed to say, “I appreciate your offer or shall we say suggestion but what I am going to have to do is read you the item number off my receipt so you can pick a box for assembly. Then I will make one trip to exchange out bikes.”  Yes, I was put on a hold and then finally she agreed. What a fantastic deal we have.  Anyways it all went well and we have the new bike. So I knew it would mean the world to junior if when I got home from work, we could go on a bike ride.

I never would have guessed how much he would talk. He told me about his girlfriend (really he has a girlfriend), his fears for the upcoming school year and that he wants to get better at baseball. He told me about how he really would like new Crocs and to have more playdates with his friends.

He went on and on about when he turns 10 or 11 or maybe 12 he could ride down to his friend’s house. Oh he was just testing the waters though cause he quickly followed it up with, “But ya know, you could ride with me and then ride home while I play!” So quick to catch my stern eye.  Smart boy I say!

He told me how he tried to get his middle brother to learn to ride his “old” bike, because 1.75 days constitutes old, but that his little brother was too afraid. Finally, I was able to get a word in and replied, “You too were once afraid.”  He said, “I know and I don’t like to think about it.”

Because when he thinks about it he thinks about how bloody and scrapped up he got. That daddy made him keep trying and trying and then would give him strawberries and turkey rolls.  But then he said, while eating his post bike attack snack, “Daddy’s football show or something like that would come on and I was so happy!”  I asked him why and he told me the show had a countdown and when it would get to the last number, he knew it would mean that I was almost home from work and that would make him so happy because he missed me so much.

I know exactly what show he is talking about because as soon as I walked in the door, the second thing I did was turn down the television.  It was ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption show that airs at 5:30 p.m. ET.  Seriously, is it just me or isn’t this the cutest thing ever.  To think my then little five-year old would watch this using the show’s timer and countdown until my arrival home.  It obviously was before he could tell time.

Pardon The Interruption…My Mommy Will be Home Soon!
Oh my goodness, the sweetest thing I ever heard. This was 4 years ago. It is amazing what our children think and just don’t know how to articulate. It took a bike ride that lasted thirty minutes to know more about my son than I thought I knew in nine years.  The very fact that he could recall what he ate and watched like it happened yesterday is just simply amazing.

And just when I thought this ride couldn’t get any better, he turned to me and said, “Mom, we should do this more often.”  I didn’t let on that I was melting but did tell him, “Absolutely, because this was the best ride of my life!”

We often take for granted the little things that mean the most. We live in a very fast paced techno world these days with LEGO sets that cost $85 dollars or more.  Our children don’t need the stuff that comes in boxes. They need face to face conversation. Perhaps it takes place on a hike, bike or stroll. But nevertheless, the moments are priceless!  Top that LEGO!  And thank you ESPN for helping my little guy to pass the time until mommy came home.  Now if you will pardon the interruption, I am heading out for a bike ride…


4 thoughts on “The Ride of My Life”

  1. Such a good message. We have been riding bikes lately – thank goodness the weather is cooperating! I love Legos, but it is so much more fun to go on family bike rides.

    1. Thank you! Legos are not so bad. Yet, they have never stimulated a conversation like the one that took place earlier in the week. Many times we both end up getting frustrated because a Star Wars ship ends up replicating a dragon. LOL! Enjoy the family rides! I am so grateful the nice weather is finally arriving! Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!

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