Hang on Spiderman, Mama to the Rescue

I love when I get some alone time.  You know the time out without children.  It is limited to an occasional hair appointment or a doctor’s visit, but this time I had a real good reason to fly solo.  Mama has got to make Easter happen, right?  So I mention to my husband that I am going to head out at the break of dawn and knock out Easter.  I really could not get an objection now could I?  How is mommy going to make Easter happen with the kiddies in tow.  Pure brilliance on my part, huh?

So off I go.  Somehow in this short trip I managed to sneak in a work-out, a manicure, an oil change, a venti soy no whip one pump extra shot of espresso mocha and Easter basket filling goodies.  Now nobody other than you all needs to share this information and lucky for me, daddy has never had to make Easter happen.  Therefore, only I know how long it takes to fill up those baskets.  See, some things are better left not delegated.  Really, I scored quite a bit in the 3.25 hours that I was running around.  I am sure daddy and at least one of the three boys were sleeping during at least 1.15 hours during my escapades.  So the total elapsed time for said daddy would seem not as great.

So, as I ventured home with the cool spring breeze in my face, the sunshine beaming in through my car windows and my venti something of another in my hand, I thought, this is good.  Really, this is just what we need sometimes to regroup and restore.  No one was injured (at least we hope) and the house will still be standing and all is good.  Plus, Easter will happen. Yeah me!

So I gracefully tip toe through my kitchen door.  You know you have to scope out the horizon first.  Then what to my wondering eyes should appear?  One tiny boy and 10 claws, scaling my wall.  Holy Spiderman, what on earth?  Hanging there from my kitchen wall was my four-year old.  As he hears me exclaim,”what in the world are you doing,” I see his daddy in the corner of my eye.  “Hello, do you see your son?”  His muffled reply, “Uh huh, he can wait, I am eating yogurt.”  For the love of Chobani, step aside yogurt man, hold on Spiderman, mama to the rescue.

Hold on Spiderman, Mama to the Rescue

Now you will want to know that my son was scaling the wall but then somehow his shirt got stuck in the window, so he couldn’t get down.  First of all, I knew double hung windows were not what they were cracked up to be.  It just adds another to do on my list since they fold in all nice and neat so you can clean them.  I also now know that they present a child safety hazard.  Secondly, why couldn’t the yogurt be put down?  Lastly, prices to pay for getting away.

I See Him, I See Him

After all the untangling and lecturing (and forget yogurt man) I asked my four-year old why he would be climbing the walls and windows.  His reply, “I wanted to see the Eastern lights!”  Now thank you to the Polar Express movie and book and wallet draining activities around the holidays, I know all about the northern lights.  But what is this?  What are the Eastern lights?  So I ask little spidey and he replies, “Um Mom, the EASTERN lights, you know where the Eastern Bunny lives.”  Now, it all makes perfect sense, I guess?

At four-years old, my Easter preparation involved coloring eggs and entering the grocery store’s coloring contest.  Never did I scale walls to look for the EASTERn lights in hopes of seeing the EB.  Yet, he was so convincing and passionate about his reasoning for climbing the walls.  I just had no words, no thoughts and no response.  Folks, in about twenty years, if you are in need of an attorney, he is your man!  That’s right, little spidey can represent!  His dad will hand out yogurt upon exiting of the courtroom.

Well, I am off to color Easter eggs, like we did in the olden days.  And no spidey we cannot use spray paint to color them!  Happy EASTERn everyone!

Spray Paint Should Not Be Used to Color Eggs

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