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Our Daily Catch (Sunday Dinner Style)

"Freshly Pressed" Linens

Remember the days when you would wake up at dawn, grab the kids, your wicker baskets and head down to the local Farmer’s Market?   There you would pick up the freshest produce, fruits, butchered meats, raw dairy products and ingredients to prepare up Sunday dinner.  You might even grab a bouquet of flowers if yours were not in bloom yet to grace the dinner table.

Then after a small reflection somewhere to make peace for any sins you might have committed, you would head home to get dinner started.  It would take all day to mash, chop, saute, grill and bake.  Then the Sunday dinner guests would start arriving to include but not limited to your neighbors, family, friends, their children and sometimes their children’s kids (aka stuffed animals).  After dinner the ladies would talk smack over dish cleaning duty and the male species would head outside to get the contact sports started.  Then you would all gather before departure again to enjoy dessert, espresso and tea.  Do you remember that?

Yah, me neither.  Now perhaps it is because I have only been in existence for a 1/3 of my projected life span, but seriously, I do not think these days exist anymore.  Rather than invite friends over for Sunday dinner, we take a snapshot of our meal and post in on Facebook.  Right before the cinnamon buns go into the oven, we tweet about how we couldn’t get the dough “just right”.  Or actually we would be tweeting about how we almost lost an eye when the package popped because we didn’t “tear here” at the right place.  Then we would spend our entire dinner texting.

Has technology taken away Sunday dinner?  Does tweeting, emailing, texting and Facebook take the place of Sunday dinner?  I want to say it doesn’t or at least shouldn’t.  So, I am bringing Sunday dinner back.  As soon as I figure out how to do this, you will be getting an US Mail invite, personally handwritten by moi.

Here is a little sample of what you can expect.  We will begin our day by freshly pressing the linens.  We will get out our Fine China or in my case Made in China (nobody will know the difference) and properly set the table.  Yes, plastic is not happening here. We will even have two forks! We will sip our beverages in wine glasses and pint glasses.  Sorry SOLO it is a no go on Sundays.

We will head out to the local lake and grab our catch of the day.  Then our fillet specialist will de-skin our jewels.  We will clean them and batter them with the freshest ingredients.  We will use the best oil to fry them, lightly season and viola.  Our daily catch!

Our Daily Catch

We will anxiously await our guests while we prepare the other side dishes and baked treats.  Then we will spend the next few hours gathering around the table eating, reminiscing, eating some more, laughing and talking using face to face contact.  We may even be provided entertainment via my two-year olds rendering of “I’m Sexy and I Know it!”  Perhaps will head outside for some fresh air, play a few games and you will all venture home.

I will attend to the clean-up chores and before I crash out at the end of the day, I can tag you all in a photo of us saluting each other before meal consumption and upload it to Facebook.  Bon Appetit my friends; I’m bringing Sunday dinner back!  Coming soon to a mailbox near you!


4 thoughts on “Our Daily Catch (Sunday Dinner Style)”

  1. Fabulous post! Currently our “Sunday dinners” are mostly after the 3.5 year old and almost-1 year old have gone to bed. I look forward to the time when they are old enough to sit down at the table for Sunday dinner. (And you can bet there will be photos on FB to prove we did it!).

  2. Hello! I’ m delighted while reading this post. Actually, a few days ago, I happened to have a reunion with my college mates (almost 10 years now…!), all girl friends, and I was very sad to realise that one of them spent almost the entire date texting. I mean, if I was to ask her which clothes I was wearing that Saturday, she would problably be clueless. It was really embarassing. I think more people (me included) should try to bring Sunday/Saturday/Anyday real dinners back!

    1. Thank you for sharing your recent get together with your college mates. I can appreciate your frustration. There is a time and place to text, email and conduct a phone conversation. Around a table while sharing a meal is not one of them. I am sorry your friend missed out on a great reunion and you all missed out on her company. It is hard enough to get together and drop the every day to do’s but when we get that chance, I really believe we should try to be mindful. I hope you will have a chance to reconnect soon less the texting!

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