They Like Me, They Like Me Not?


Congratulations on your 20th like on Turn Around and Swim.

Your current tally is 23.

Big news folks!  I received a congratulatory comment via WordPress that I have achieved 20 likes.  It is a start right?  Perhaps this level of achievement has scored me a Hershey Kiss?  A pat on the back? A who cares?  I love it though!  I feel like I just scored a “they like me” on the last petal in a game of “they like me, they like me not!”

They Like me, they Like me Not!

This accomplishment may mean I am officially out of rookie blogger status!  Not so fast, huh?  I just figured out how to change my Gravatar.  Which for the longest time I thought was another name for an alien-like figure.  Navigating through WordPress is user-friendly but I have a lot to learn.  I look up to you Freshly Pressed Blog Peeps as I feel like you are my very own personal mentors.  I have a tendency to like every Freshly Pressed post too!

I follow every blogger who has “liked” me and those that are now following me.  I think of it as a you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours kind of thing.  My blog is still on the down-low with the exception of my closest friends and family who I have bribed with baked delectables to follow my blog.  Even if they delete the posts upon receipt in their inbox; what we don’t know won’t hurt us, right?  I am fairly confident though, they like my posts but are just afraid to admit it right now.  That is fine by me as this is a no pressure event.  Really, take your time because I am not closing up shop!

One day I have big dreams of being Freshly Pressed and getting a million likes and watching my stats explode but until then, I love my twenty plus likes and sincerely thank the 10 of you who have liked a post here and there.  The other 13 likes I believe I liked my own posts.  It is not cheating – really it isn’t.  It would have been had I known about the 20 likes achievement status.

So, since I have no idea what the next level is (do I see two Hershey Kisses in my future), I will make a promise to play by the rules and omit liking my own posts.  Besides copyright infringement and plagiarism, are there any rules?  I know somewhere on a thing called a Dashboard there is a FAQ or rulebook, I’ll get there.  Persistency and patience are the keys to unlocking the door to Freshly Pressed.  Maybe having some real decent content too!

Anyways, thank you to all my blog followers and those of you who have liked me.  We will grow this baby together and I will always know who my firsts were, whether you were bribed or not!  You never forget your first followers, likers and commenters!  At least, I won’t.  Thank you from the tips of my fingers as you are the ones who keep me typing away!

Oh and by the way, right below here is a little tool bar that says:

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2 thoughts on “They Like Me, They Like Me Not?”

  1. I’ve been doing this almost a year and I still have so much to learn! It’s a process, but it’s fun! The good news is that everyone seems very nice. I haven’t met anyone I didn’t like yet. Isn’t that great?

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