Know When to Wear it and Know When to Tear it

Mom and Business Owner

On similar principle of a gambling song, you also have to know when to walk away and when to run.  But since we are not hatching those chickens in this post, we will save that concept for a later time. 

The proud to wear it or just tear it is a debate I initiated with myself yesterday evening.  A friend forwarded me an article about the dynamics of combining motherhood and business owner into one label.  Perhaps if you were running a come play and make cupcakes company, then combine along.  If you operated a daycare, then my how the association of the two would make any parent feel soothed upon drop off of little Sally or baby Billy.  If your inflatable business needed a pick me up advertisement line, then the blending of the two titles, may lead to an instant sales boost.

The point is, yes, I do agree to an extent that incorporating mom and entrepreneur into one title would prove very rewarding and beneficial at the appropriate time and in the appropriate business setting.  But if you are about to provide closing arguments for your client’s defense on white-collar crime, I am sure the jury is out that they do not care that you are a mom.  If you are selling pharmaceuticals and meet with Dr. Illhearyourpitch, he may not be so interested in buying your happy pill just because you are a mother.  As both mother and business owner, I believe you have to pick and choose when to wear the “mom+entrepreneur” hat and when to tear it off. 

My number one priority is being a mother but I do not have to wear a label of “mom+entrepreneur” to remind myself, I am mother and business owner.  As if I am queen, now watch me soar.  Some people, clients, colleagues and business associates just do not care.  Whether they are parents or not.  Sometimes when we slip off the “mom hat” and slip into our power suit, we get that exhilarated feeling like I am back.  I still exist!  It is an empowerment to know we can transform from mom to business owner and back and forth. 

The juggle of the two makes us in a league of our own.  So, why would we need a special title adorning us?  I would like to think of it as our own very special club of which mothers who are also business owners only know the codes that lead to success at home and on the business field.  The most important one being, when to wear it and when not to wear it.  It is all about transformation and when working with a vast client base, sometimes it empowers you and other times it negates you.  So, you need to tweak your game plan and know when to put it on again and off again.

I am by no means saying you should hide motherhood or pretend those stretch marks are not tattooed to your abdomen under that power suit.  That would make you fake and who wants to do business with someone who is dishonest.  Own it and leave it at that.  You don’t have to walk around with an “I am Mom+Entrepreneur” t-shirt like you are queen of the business world.  Be proud you have accomplished so much and still manage to be all in for your kids and your company.  Keep the “mom+entrepreneur” secrets to the club members.  Knowledge is power.  Knowing when to wear it and when to tear it off is what makes us successful in business and in motherhood!

“Where woman has taken her place in business she has found her method ready-shaped for her, and following that, she does her work, if with a certain amount of monotony, yet without undue fatigue. Her hours are fixed, and as a rule she gets needful change of scene as she goes to her business and returns to her home or the place where she lives.”  – Anna C. Brackett

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