What’s for Dinner?

I hear it often! What’s for dinner? Then immediately following dinner as I am still cleaning up the dishes…”Can we have a snack?” Good grief! Sometimes I get to the point that my most dreaded time of the day is dinnertime.  It is just boring.  I like variety and with three little mouths to feed who would settle for pasta and salad almost everyday –  well it can get boring. Recently prior to dinnertime, while I was getting more water, extra napkins, another fork, again more water and tripping over trains, planes and automobiles, my middle child asked…”What’s for dinner?” (Uhh!!!)

As I stood there staring at these three little men, with napkins and water and forks and ketchup (why do I have ketchup) I replied, “Chicken, rice and edamame!”  And viola, complete silence.  Okay, I was waiting for the “Awe” or “I want pasta!” instead I got the “Yes!”  So, my oldest child was on board and my youngest will do anything my oldest does so another thumbs up for chicken, rice and edamame.

But those beaming blue eyes from my middle child and the eyelashes batting with nostrils flaring I knew it was only a matter of time that he dispute the menu.  Instead, he said, “Fine! But next time can we have chicken, rice and “edadaddy” because we ALWAAAAYYYS have edamame!”

This by far was no boring dinnertime!  I was rolling…and then they were rolling and then the chicken, rice and edamame was rolling.  It was fun and edible and that’s all that counts!  By the way, anyone know where I can score some “edadaddy”?


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