There are Those Who do not Buy on Price Alone

Really….they exist.  It’s not all about the MONEY! Refreshing in this day and age of economic uncertainty.  I sold not just a product today but a service.  A valued one at that.  My price was higher and I sold my confidence in that higher priced product that over the years this product would surpass the others with the “VOAA” (value of an agent).

It was such a euphoric feeling to walk away…from the sale…knowing I sold something genuine and rare.  That’s right, a true product backed by a confident agent.  I am a firm believer that if they buy on price, they will leave on price.  You have to set yourself apart from the competition.  If we both sell the same product, how is mine better?  This is why! My response time is like none other.  I am accountable and credible and have your genuine interests at heart.  While I will recommend and offer my professional advice, I give you the power to make the final purchase decision.

Open for Business

You have the wings, I just teach you to fly.  In turn, you stay with me as the guidance I have provided connects us indefinitely.  Today was a great day! A powerful day that provided wisdom in knowing; there are those who do not buy on price alone.  And that my friends, I am thankful for!Support your local, small business! Anyone can walk into a chain store and I guarantee you will walk out with shackles! Bound by the frustration that although you are walking out with what you needed, the “help” it took to get that which was needed was not worth the trip.  There is something to be said about the “old mom and pop” establishment.  I dare you to try it out…pass by that chain store and venture into the ma and pa. You never know how you will change their thoughts for the better…in fact, they may just stay OPEN FOR BUSINESS one more day!


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